Antelope Canyon


Antelope Canyon, a Navaho Park, located near Page, Arizona is one of nature's most wondrous creations – the slot canyon. Carved from the red sandstone for millennia by seasonal flood rains and wind, the canyons are narrow passageways that lead several hundred feet away from the mouth. The gorgeous colors and sloping angles of the rocks – coupled with the shifts of light that make their way down from the rim of the canyon – combine for a scene that is diffcult to comprehend. The canyon is known for its wave-like structure and the light beams that shine directly down into the openings of the canyon, creating a supernatural appearance.

The slot canyons are only 8 to 12 feet wide, and less in many places, while The canyon walls climb 120 feet above the streambed, making it a cathedral of red-hued, swirling sandstone. While no photograph can capture the full magnificance of the canyons, I have tried to capture the feeling in these albums.

The Navajo calls the Upper Antelope Canyon – Tsé'bighanilí – which means "The place where water runs through rocks." The Lower Antelope Canyon is called Hazdistazí – which means "Spiral Rock Arches."

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