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CADDinformatics is an independent consulting company specializing in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Chemical Informatics, Computational Chemistry, R&D Data Integration, Knowledge Management, and related areas. As the Principal, Herschel Weintraub has over 30 years experience in Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Discovery R&D and R&D IT management, having worked at levels ranging from individual contributor to Director/VP at a number of major Pharmaceutical companies as well as Biotechs. Please see www.hjrweintraub.com for additional background information.

He has built teams in Pharma R&D and managed discovery research, and served as Director of Scientific Computing at Genentech, supporting R, D, and Regulatory Affairs, and has consulting experience at IBM Life Sciences, specializing in Content Management, Records Management, Data Integration, Chemical Informatics, and Knowledge Management. This experience included enterprise annotation, unstructured text search, and related areas.

informatics was incorporated in 1986, and operates across all regions of the United States.

As an independent company, not associated with any
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